Looking for an interesting location to paint ?

We suggest you head on down to Spittal Pond. It is PINK !
When someone asks “ Why is your water Pink ???”
You can say “ Because it is. “

For anyone that missed the RG article on why Spittal Pond is pink…
“ One of the Island’s top nature reserves has gone pink for the summer, but the strange colours that have taken over the waters of Spittal Pond are a harmless organism brought on by warm weather.
However, former government conservation officer David Wingate said it was the first year he’d seen pink flourishing in the main pond at the popular reserve in Smith’s.
“It’s not related to the deadly red tide algae,” Dr Wingate added, referring to the algal blooms that can kill fish and poison shellfish.
“The birds and the fish are continuing to feed quite merrily within it,” he said.
Pink water can be caused by bacteria, but Dr Wingate said the colours were likely the result of an algal bloom brought on by warm weather. ”

Spital 2 Spittal 1

The Dark side of Christopher Marson

Christopher Marson. We love his creativity… from subtle, soft watercolours, to bold oils.. and somewhere lying under the still waters of a totally in control artist lies the bubbling blast of total abandonment. That’s where the dark side of Marson sits waiting to be released in his digital art creations.
As was this piece entitled “ Welcome to the Hotel Tranquility”. A girl stares from the dark depths. Upon closer inspection you then notice the outline of a raven and then the beckoning of a dark stairway behind.
Yesterday it sold to a couple that fell in love with it. What was the contributing factor ? The wife’s name was Raven ! A beautiful Raven to own a beautiful creation. Perfect !

2016 Calendars

It’s the little things… the behind the scene things that keeps the Arts Centre going.
The silent volunteers that give their time and energy to support us.

Christopher Marson’s 2016 calendar arrives with all the months separately. They have to each be slotted into their case before they can be put out to be sold.

This is a big thank you to Rick Marson, for stuffing these calendars for us !

Her tireless hands are helping us to raise funds for the Arts Centre.