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Plein Air Painters of BermudaThe group was started in Jonah Jones’ backyard in Somerset thirteen years ago since that time the group has had twelve annual shows and will be having their next show at the Dockyard Arts Centre, opening September 27- October 23.
To introduce painters, at all levels of expertise, to the joys and tribulations of working on location.
For beginners, seeing how more experienced painters solve visual problems and the growth that comes from painting on a regular basis. For the professionals, a chance to share expertise and get feedback on current work from their peers.
How it works
Usually every week, depending on weather, an email is sent out to the group, saying that we are going to be at a particular location, most often on Sunday and occasionally on a Saturday. The meeting places vary from private homes to public spaces all over the island. We start around 9.30 and paint until noon, at which time we put up all the work that has been done and have a group critique, the object of which is to help people grow and improve their skills.
During the session the more experienced painters in the group often spend time going around offering advice and encouragement to anyone who needs help.

Who can join us?
Anyone. All we need from you is a current email address, we welcome people working in any media. We have absolute beginners and experienced professionals working side by side and presently have over 60 names on our list. Around ten people show up for any given session, some come for a few sessions and then reappear a few months later. One steadfast member painted with us all through her pregnancy and and then came back with us while dad babysat.

The Winners of our 2015 Plein Air Festival

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.09.10 AM

Contact us
Dockyard Art Centre
(441) 234-2809

Rhona Emmerson

Chris Marson



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