This Sunday’s Location:

Chaplin Bay: Let’s kick off the season on the beach..This beach has  highlands, great curves and easy parking.

An early start will will nice to enjoy the cool.   Bring sun hats, water and perhaps an umbrella…  we’ll check the weather closer to the morning.   ( entrance directly opposite the Bermuda Regiment)

And just in case you’re interested….   Here’s a story behind the name.

According to Norwood’s Notes of 1663, Lieutenant Edward ChaplinSr., Share 24, Warwick, which included Chaplin Bay.

As a young man of 20, the Lieutenant sailed to the colony in 1635 aboard the ship ‘Dorset’ and soon thereafter became prominent in the colony’s militia. He assisted in the task of rearming the Island’s forts in the 1650s, and after marrying, founded a family line which lasted in Bermuda through the 18th and 19th centuries.

At his death in 1692 Chaplin was survived by his wife, Elizabeth and by six children.  A daughter or daughter-in-law, Dorothy Chaplin, was fined for failure to keep the Sabbath at an Assize of 1664 and the tax roll on 1727 listed five Chaplin households island wide;  three in Warwick, one in Pembroke and one in St. George’s Parish.

By 1789 the family had dwindled to one representative – John Chaplin appeared in the levy for Warwick Parish in that year.

Although five Chaplin children were baptised in the colony between 1791 and 1823 the name has since died out in Bermuda.