Plein air schedule 2017

All sessions are Sunday starting at 9:15/30 am ..unless otherwise noted.

Public spots you can come earlier if you wish.

All sessions are weather permitting, at your own call. We have had many “car boot” paintings that have been fabulous!

The Bermuda Plein Air group welcomes all visitors ! So if you happen to be vacationing on a Sunday morning and love to paint, contact us ! We’d be excited to have you join us !

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Home work
Coming up is the next Plein Air conference in San Diego in 2017.
April 24-28, 2017
Here is the link..
Let’s see if we can get a Bermuda posse together to check out the show
as we already have our fabulous Bermuda pink shirts!! ( I have extra if you need one. $35 each.)
Room share or not..lets check it out ..

May Sessions :

7.   Happy Valley Road, Pembroke:   Up behind Hamilton.  Take the road to fort Hamilton, and keep going.. and look for the interesting views and lanes… there are several locations to park, but let’s meet at the nursery school parking area near Belvin’s Grocery store and venture out from there. The views overlook the marsh all the way to government house and lot s of lanes, and coloured cottages etc. dot the hills.

Past Sessions:

April 23 –  Old Walls, Warwick Parish

April 16 –  Church Bay

April 2  Ferry Reach: Beach views & More:  in support of the upcoming Turquoise show, let see if we can find some beautiful water images .. long views railway trails and parking


A return to the lovely rolling park, all very green..

March 19 –  A private home in Somerset – “Bushy Park”

March 5   Southlands Public park, Warwick : beach side as well as the grove of trees.Always such a great spot to paint and be inspired..


Feb 19 –  The Unfinished Church/ Tobacco Bay

Feb 5.  Riddles Bay: 

Jan 29

Sundays Plein Air session, January 29th at Barnes Corner.. a beautiful day and a great turn out with four new painters joining us.. Wonderful!
Such a great range of work from the area, including the pond and railway trail.. Barnes corner..a little quiet slice of Bermuda that normally goes unnoticed..enjoy!