Plein air schedule 2017

All sessions are Sunday starting at 9:15/30 am ..unless otherwise noted.

Public spots you can come earlier if you wish.

All sessions are weather permitting, at your own call. We have had many “car boot” paintings that have been fabulous!

The Bermuda Plein Air group welcomes all visitors ! So if you happen to be vacationing on a Sunday morning and love to paint, contact us ! We’d be excited to have you join us !

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  1. Grotto Bay Hotel and grounds: TBC, I am sure the hotel will be happy to let us ramble and see what we can find to paint.. this is a lovely location.  More on this soon…


  1. Spittal Pond, Smiths Parish : entrance down new the grocery store.. always a great place for rocks, nature, long views and up close with birds, plants and fauna…easy parking too.


29.Somerset Long Bay: Lovely calm spot, pretty beach, easy parking…nature trails close by, quaint and quiet.. Perfect Sunday spot!



Unfinished Church St. Georges was a great location this past weekend..and a perfect day to enjoy a painting session out doors! Lots of great reference, views and challenges of on location work..but he results.. awesome.. what a talented group we are! enjoy this collection of work done in 3 hours..