2017 Workshops

 April 29 -30,   2017

Take your painting to the next level – Christopher Marson


Chris Marson watercolour workshop 2017

After thirty years of putting paint on paper Chris has a few ideas on how to avoid and fix the problems that get in the way of realising your vision.

He will share strategies and techniques that will allow you to paint more expressively and effectively.

Everyone stands at the easel  with an idea of a wonderful painting already in their head  but then execution gets in the way.

We will look at ways to make the process easier and more rewarding, understanding why some techniques and arrangements work better than others will move you much closer to making  successful paintings.

Some of the areas we will touch on:

Preparation and planning for values and effective composition.

Manipulating the picture plane to enhance your viewers experience and give them a sense of place.

Damage control, how to see problem spots and eliminate them

Colour and value strategies.

Painting techniques, how to put the brush on the paper effectively.

I will be painting in watercolour in order to take advantage of the speed of execution but most of the ideas presented will apply to all mediums.

Visit Chris’s website at www.christophermarson.com to see his work

Day 1:   Tentative Willowbank

Day 2:   The heart of St. Georges (Turkey Hill)

Time:  10:00 a.m. –  4:00 p.m. for both days

Members   Both Days –  $175    One Day  $100

Non Members   Both Day –  $200    One Day  $125

Prices include picnic lunch both days.




FEBRUARY 18, 2017

Relief Block Printmaking –  Alanna Baird





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