Upcoming shows

 Show Schedule 2017


 ART RAFFLE –  to be held at 4:30 p.m. at the opening of Small Works.

We’re adding to this as work comes in, so please check back in to see what’s available on the raffle.

Show Schedule 2018

“ Once in a Blue Moon “  January 31 – Feb 23 (deadline for work Jan 25)

Plein Air Artists to paint moonrise from 6:14pm to 7:14pm.  7:14 painting is to be done and brought into the Gallery.  Wet moons can be sold right off the easel.

Members artists may submit any themed painting for a 25% discount off selling price.   New work or put in something shown before.   Let’s get some interest and excitement going for the beginning of a new year !

“ Reflections “ Feb 25 – March 16 (deadline for work Feb 22)

Anything to do with reflections.

Fundraiser “Reflections of You” We are asking artists to decorate any type of mirror (wall to hand).   Put your asking price and we will sell them for private auction.   Anything above your asking price is donated to the Gallery.

The Great Apple Pie Competition


“ 6×6 “ and Member’s Open March 18 – April 20 (deadline for work March 12)

We need your support for donations of 6”x6” paintings.

Main Gallery – An open show for

Artist Members. Anything that you

would like. Big or small.

“ Sea and Sky“ April 22 – May 25 (deadline for work April 19)

No secret meaning in this title. Let’s see some stunning skies and ocean !


“Plein Air Group of Bermuda”  May 27 – June 15(Deadline for work – May 24 )

A Group show featuring the PleinAir Group and their views of the Island


“Summer Open” June 24 – Sept 14 (Deadline for work – June 21 )

This is a revolving show – so please be prepared to replace your work as it sells We encourage smaller paintings as this show carries us through the busy tourist season. Smaller paintings pack easier.


“ Black and White ” Sept 16 – October 12(Deadline for work – Sept 13 )    Note: Black and White make Grey


“ THREE ” Oct 14 – November 16 (Deadline for work – Oct 11)Anything in Threes. Have fun !

 “ Small Works Show “ November 18 – January, 2018
(Deadline for Work – Nov 15)

This is a revolving show – so please be prepared to replace your work as it sells
Work can be no larger than 8 x 10




June, 12: “ Hidden Gems


May, 15: Serjeant’s Cup for Marine Art


April, 17: “ Art of Craft”

art of craft 2016 invite with date

‘ SOME LIKE IT HOT’ –  February 7 – March 10


January, 10: “ Amongst Friends “   – Carrot Cake Competition





Art of Life

Jan 11 – Feb 20

Our member Artists interpretation of What Life is all About.




‘ PURPLE ‘  ( A member’s juried show)

‘ FRIENDS ‘  – a solo show by Michele Smith


Michele Smith solo show

TRANQUILITY – August 30 – September 25


A solo Show by Susan Thomas – Aug 30 – Sept 25



Plein Air Painters of Bermuda  

A Group show featuring the Plein Air Group and their views of the Island

invite poster

“Fantastic Four” (Now Showing)

October 25  – November 20

fantastic four poster

A group show with our studio artists – Nahed Eid, Christopher Grimes, Christopher Marson and Chesley Trott

painted rabbotttt poster

Tricia Walters – A fun show filled with toys, bags and whimsical clocks.

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  1. Looking forward to the next show “Art of Craft” and 6×6. Always something exciting going on at the art centre.
    Thanks Heidi for making it happen.

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